[Anime Fantasy]

My One Mistake

The story of Ranma and Akane going on a date.

Ranma and Hayashi

Hm...it's another one chasing Ranma. I wonder if he's different from the other ones trying to beat him up. ;)


The Search for Freedom

Meet Spyn Adamcalo. A young man, tormented for unknown reasons. Meeting up with Lina's goupies, hopefully he'll encounter some answers and help.


The Problem of Ryoga

Read on as you find how Ryoga somewhat heroicly fights agianst his drug problem.

Zach's Anime Journeys

Sorry, just something I had to do. Heh heh...

Missing Happosai

A twisted fanfic where Happosai gets kidnapped and has to be saved by Ryoga, Ranma, and Akane.

Garfield-Ranma Crossover

Self explanitory.

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