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Reloading does wonders on pages that look funky! For some reason Tripod doesn't like giving new information on some pages even though they have changed. I've been tinkering so much with the Ranma destiny fic, some of you are bound to miss some of the updates because of it :p

[Lina Picture]

UPDATE: May/17/04

Lina> Zach did some work in my corner! Come and get it while it's hot. There is a desktop picture of Aeka in the Picts section. Check it out. It looks pretty nice. Zach might even post other present desktop pictures if he gets lazy enough on updates (^_^)

Ranma> And s'm'other news, the Ranma destiny fic will soon be under way. Well, that's what Zach says. He just needs to brain storm first...I'll believe it when I see it.

UPDATE: May/7/04

Zach> Posted the ranma choose you destiny fic! Well, sort of. I'm doing a different web design for it and I'm finishing it up, then I'll start on it story-wise. If you have an opinions, email me! Hopefully the quality of my ficing impoves too :) I post the destiny fics in the destiny section if you don't know

STATUS UPDATE: April/25/04

Zach> Zach is alive and well! I've been considering starting/finishing the Ranma: "Choose your Destiny" fic (which is what the original site was named for) Also, since I've watch some Ranma anime lately I have felt reenergized ^_^. I have never actually seen a episode of Ranma 1/2 with Shampoo/Mousse/Ukyou/Kodachi etc etc. Man, that should definitely help me in my writing (^_^)

Akane> *Sweat drops* You have had this website for around 5 years, and you never saw an episode with all those people?

Zach> Nope! I guess I'm more of a creator than a reader/watcher

UPDATED: April/21/04

Lina> Update! Come by the Picts section and take a look at the ninja turtle sketch!

UPDATED: April/15/04

Zach> Small update peoples! I added some more songs to the music section, mostly mp3s, because I noticed I still have 9 megs remaining to my site size limit! (^_^) I also tweaked the site a bit more better veiwing purposes. Sorry to those who viewed it during that time.

UPDATED: April/13/04

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Lina> There has been an update peoples! Have a heart attack now! If you have noticed, Zach redesigned the site. But there are some positive and negative effects from this.

Zach> First of all, You Netscape Navagater 4 users are semi-screwed. This page just plain looks funky. Sorry guys. But, the page design is not static right now. I am going to try to make the page at least usable. It's a stylesheet problem that causes the problem.

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But on the bright side, all modern standard complient browsers view this site perfectly. This would include Mozilla, Firebird, Netscape 7, Opera 7, Safari, Omniweb and I'm sure a bunch of others. This sort of includes Internet Explorer too, except that IE doesn't support semi-transparent images or non-scrolling backgrounds on things outside of the body. ...I'm sure some of you must understand this jargon.

[Ranma Picture]

Ranma> You butt monkey, nerd! You're alienating your visitors by saying that complicated stuff! Okay, for the actual update, the music section is back up! There is next to nothing there now, but who know's it might grow. All of the songs in the music section are from Ranma 1/2 which is very cool.

Lina> Somehow it's not surprising hearing you say that.

Ranma> (^_^). Who's the man, who's the man. Who's mug do you think is on the background of this page.

Lina> In any case, the comics section hasn't been updated, but it has been slightly rearranged so it makes more sense. For example, the flower print comic is no longer split into 2 chapters, which was just plain confusing since there where no chapter cover pages. Who knows, spelling errors might be corrected next!

Zach> :p By the way people, if you want a link to your site, EMAIL ME! 90% of the links of my links page are down...And that's it for this update. See you people later!

UPDATED: April/09/04

Zach> Okay so this isn't really an update so sue me. This is more of an I am alive update (^_^) Fortunately/unfortunately, I started ANOTHER project and that had taken my attention. It's themeing a web browser and learning that new html/Xhtml stuffs. Go to the page and check it out! I appreciate all of the guestbook signings in my absence. Maybe I will actually go back and finish the Ranma Choose your destiny fic :) Also, hopefully this summer I can move to a new server, where there won't be these annoying banners. Well later's people, finals are coming up in my university and I have a lot of work to do yet!

UPDATED: August/23/03

[Ranma Picture]

Zach> Small update today. I posted the Final Fantasy Java game to the games section which will not change nightly like the link on this page. I also updated the Ranma fighter game so it's MUCH easier to run and there is only one download now. So if you haven't tried it yet, try it now!

UPDATED: August/22/03

[Ranma Picture]

Zach> Another update peoples! I wanted to give this to you before I start college because I have no idea what's going to happen to me for a while and I've really wanted to finish my one chibi comic. It's labeled with the new label so you should be able to find it. I'm a bit displeased though that I didn't have more time to try to do a better job on the drawing for this one. Oh well! So, my plans for the site during college? Depending on how it goes, I'll either work on my destiny section in which I haven't done anything in god knows when, or continue on my Final Fantasy JAVA game. See you people!

[Usagi Picture]

Sailor Moon> On a side note. If anyone wants to post the java games on their web set, they are free two as long as there is a link somewhere back here (http://ranmadestinypage.tripod.com). Those are the only terms.

UPDATED: August/17/03

[Zach Picture]

Zach> Long time no see peoples! Are you still out there? I haven't been totally hibernating, but working on my next game!

Akane> A game not starring me either! You jerk! At least your Ranma fighter had me in it. But it was still a weak impression of a game.

[Akane Picture]

Zach> Yes, this new game is called Final Fantasy JAVA! This should be a lot easier to run than the last game and is coming along slowly. I'm at version 0.3 but it's come enough together to show you people. I'm going to have a link that you can go to see how the project is coming which updates nearly every day when I'm working on it.

Akane> Wow. Everyday? What's happened to you?

Zach> Well, I have been working on this game since summer started...it just wasn't far enough along to show anyone. The link to the latest version will always be at https://ranmadestinypage.tripod.com/FFJ.zip. It should work for all OSes that have Java installed at version 1.4.1 or greater. You can get the update from http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp by downloading the latest JRE. I still have the second half of my Ryouga comic I've been meaning to finish, but I have to ink it in still and scan it onto the comptuer. Hopefully I'll get time to do that soon. Well, see you people, and happy gaming! I'll be starting college soon, and actually taking programming courses. Maybe I'll get tired of programming and actually get around to updating other portions of the site. (^_^)

Akane> Oh, and don't forget, Zach's had his email address change. Sorry to all the people who may have been trying to send emails and that he's ignored. He's a bit of a Baka sometimes and slow. I would have fixed it myself if I knew any html.

UPDATED: 1/19/03

[Zach Picture]

Zach> Here's my next big update! It know it has almost been a year, but it takes a while to develop a game! (^_^)

[Akane Picture]

Akane> Yup! Now I can beat Ranma up all I want in the new fighting game he made! Its right in the Games section!

[Lina Picture]

Akane> *Sigh* It sucks! There are no Slayers characters in it!

Zach> One man can only do so much! I also added a new comic chapter called "The Curse of Ryouga." I hope you enjoy it! The music section is down right now because the server that had the music became unfree. :/ Sorry dudes, it could be a while before I find a new server. I think that's about all that's happened. I've spent a lot of time composing songs these last few years, but I still don't have all that much talent at it yet, but I'm still working! Almost all of the music in the game is composed by me. If you want to see a belated movie that I had make a while ago, you can click here.

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